VPN service DrimVPN

Fast and reliable Internet connection without blocking or providers' censorship. DrimVPN keeps your personal data safe from unauthorized access when you connect to public hotspots. It provides access to any messengers and services.

DrimVPN is necessary:
Data loss protection

Connecting to unverified Wi-Fi hotspots is always a risk of losing personal or corporate data. Hackers can easily take over logins and passwords from services, payment card data. If you are on a business trip, you risk the company's confidential data. DrimVPN makes secure connection even to unprotected networks.

Access to any websites and apps

DrimVPN provides access to websites and services that are partially or completely unavailable in some countries. One tap and local restrictions are no longer relevant to you.

Free from data collection

Free connection to public Wi-Fi hotspots is not actually free. You pay it off with your data, which can be collected once you agree to connect to free Wi-Fi.

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How does DrimVPN work?
We do not collect or store your data. The certificate for the connection is saved on your smartphone.
VPN from Drimsim connects quickly due to distributed networking.
IP address is substituted once you connect to DrimVPN. Once disconnected, the former IP address is returned.
The best for your IT security
The best for your IT security
Standard connection
Unlimited bandwidth
Unrestricted access to resources on the Internet
Complete anonymity online
Protection against personal data collection
256-bit data encryption
IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec protocols
P2P technology support
How much is it?

5 devices per account.

€3 per week
43¢ per day
€8 per month
€2 per week
Save up to 20%
€78 per year
€6.5 per month
Save up to 40%
How to use?

The app interface is simple and user-friendly. Subscribe once you have downloaded and loged in DrimVPN app with your Dimsim account.

Initial DrimVPN setup
Log in with activated Drimsim account.
Subscribe for desired timeframe.
The best server to connect to will be recommended by the app, any other listed option can be selected as well.
Once the server is selected, tap "Connect".
That's it! Go online fearless of losing personal data.

Once any type of subscription registrated, unlimited service usage is provided. Subscription may be cancelled at any time.

Download DrimVPN to iOS devices
Download the app and try it out
Already have the SIM card?

If you have already ordered Drimsim SIM card, download our app and try it out. It's awesome!

No SIM card yet?

Order Drimsim SIM card and get reliable mobile services abroad and protected personal data.

Caring for our users

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